In 2022, I ventured into the world of Comics with a graphic memoir series called Jelly Cake. 

This coming-of-age series explores my experiences growing up as an emotional second-generation Chinese American girl, navigating the complexities of living in three worlds: the world of my ancestors, the place where I was born, and the magical inner world I created for myself. Ultimately, it's a search for home.

  • Jelly Cake Issue 1 (76 pp, perfect bound, first edition 250): The debut comic introduces a young girl finding her voice in elementary school, her suburb in Los Angeles, and her immigrant home. Themes include eating issues, loneliness, young seduction, and kid snacks.
  • Hot Potato (12 pp, offset print, first edition 100): A story about a sassy middle school potato.
  • Mushroom Chap Book (16 pp, 1st edition 300): A zine illustrated with text by Lola Milholland that brings to life five mushrooms that grow abundantly in Oregon, describes their life cycle, and teaches the reader how to make a spore print.
  • Jelly Cake Issue 2 (160 pp, perfect bound, first edition 250) will be released in Fall 2024, continuing the series into the awkward years of junior high.